Infinite Horizons

Layover in Whitegold

2nd Adventure

We start out in a small tavern in the town of Whitegold. The dwarf we are following can see a female Halfling with a war hammer and leather armor. He also sees a male Halfling in long grey robes as well as another male Halfling with… is that a rabbit? Two drunk soldiers stumble into the bar cracking up. Through the drunken slur the dwarf manages to hear about a wagon full of children that has crashed just outside the tavern. He finished his drink and makes his way outside. His eyes take just a moment to adjust to the dusk light that is over taking the barren land. He sees a wagon that has turned over and realizes that they are not children but gnomes. He asks who their leader is and someone speaks up and explains that a hero left the reins with them so the hero could go fight. The dwarf notices some people trying to round up the gnomes so he decides to watch. Someone tells the dwarfs that either the gnomes go work in the salt mines or they have to go with the dwarf. He decides to take them with him for the moment. He takes them into a tavern where he provides them with a feast the likes none of them have ever seen. While they are sitting around the table the dwarf notices the looks of horror and fear on the gnomes faces. He sees them staring at the door and backing away so naturally he has to look and see what is causing this reaction. He sees a Tiefling named Yaya who has been telling stories at the tavern for a few days now. Behind her 3 sandmen come in with Captain Halam on their heels. He is fully decked out in his armor and weapons. He notices the captain heading his way. The captain arrives at the table and informs the dwarf that he will be taking the gnomes to check in at the guild, after the dwarf agrees he is given a silver piece. Honiahaka can see a palace and in front of that a group of people being led into it. The wagon he is riding in comes to a stop and everyone unloads, the driver informs everyone they will leave again in a few days. Honiahaka makes is way to the tavern where he is able to briefly speak with the captain about his Gods and is told to speak with the bar keep, Barney. As he enters the bar he notices the Tiefling, never seeing such a creatures he goes over to her as she is about to start her story. Eddlerock and Ielenia see a broken down wagon as well as guards putting horses away for the night. They exit their wagon and are told they will leave again in a few days. Eddlerock and Ielenia head to the tavern where they learn that a dwarf has fed the other gnomes and then they were takenu to the guild. Eddlerock thanks the dwarf and buys him a drink. While talking with the dwarf they find out that magic is regulated and that no one knew of the magical being that had caused the explosions in their wagon train. Honiahaka and the teifling over hears this conversation and joins in. Come to find out Honiahaka saw the attack and even prevented other bandits from joining in on the attack. While Eddlerock is telling Yaya about the attack Barney comes over and tells Honiahaka to seek out Polis in Akkad in regards to his vision. Eddlerock passes out mid story. The dwarf has gone to check in after his shift while Eddlerock, Ielenia, Yaya, and Honiahaka head to the traders. While on the way there they learn Honiahaka’s story. He comes from the Wolf Clan of the Tsalagi. Once we arrive at the traders we go into a clothing store and talk with the owner. We show her the mask of one of the men Eddlerock had decapitated. He had been holding onto the head the whole time, I thought he just normally smelled that bad!! The woman recognized the mask as one worn by the Nasheen, a religious group whose goal is to be a faceless man. The group goes to get them scarves to cover their mouths while they are in town. Ielenia gets a brown one and a blue one for Fi’real (who is still passed out on the back of the wagon, seriously how long does he need to sleep?), Honiahaka gets yellow, and Eddlerock gets a red one for himself as well as a red one for his woman Bessy (the horse). The group then makes their way to the blacksmith at which Eddlerock gives up one sword to be shortened and have “the chosen one” and “not the chosen one” put on them and Ielenia gives her shield to have an image put on it. After their transactions the group heads to the pentacle to try to find Eddlerock’s kin gnomes. Once they arrive to this huge palace they notice it is surrounded by a gate with only three door. Only one of the doors is open so they make their way in the gate. When they go to head into the pentacle two guards block their entrance. We explain that we are here to pick up the gnomes that were checked in last night and one guard goes to check. The guard comes back shortly and explains that the gnomes were shipped with some other goods such as silks to Akkad. Unsure that they believe this story they go to talk to the captain to find out where the dwarf is in hopes that he might have some answers. They are told that he is at the salt mines so the group heads that way. Once they arrive they see a tiny settlement that looks not well fed. There are a few kids playing so Honiahaka goes to speak with them. He tries to find another way into the mine other than the one door. He finds out that there is no other way and that there was a group of gnomes that were headed into the mines but that the guards had killed one of them to make an example. They also learn that every hour the mines are emptied so the workers can get a drink and have a small break. The group decides to head back to the tavern and wait for the dwarf to come up. At the tavern the group is told that someone in the mines is willing to help them get the gnomes out. After this new information the group heads back to the mines and the first thing they notice is the guards have changed. Honiahaka and Eddlerock make a deal with the kids so they will cause a distraction. Yaya cast a spell which makes the ground shake in hopes of making the guards get away from the entrance. While the gaurds are distracted the group makes it into the mine. They immediately see slaves working the mines on the right and two guards directly in front of them. Yaya makes the earth tremble again which causes the guards to move forward. Honiahaka then freezes the guard on the right while Eddlerock cuts him. Yaya finishes him off by throwing her rapier and embedding in the guards right eye. Ielenia throws her javelin and grazes the guard on the left. The dwarf is in a dark area of the mines guarding the gnomes he had just fed the night before. He contemplates how to rescue them. He speaks with two other guards in the next area and after they speak they feel the ground shake. The guards take their slaves and head to the mine opening. The dwarf frees the gnomes from the wall and silently follow the other guards. He tries to bash their heads in but misses so splendidly that the guards didn’t even notice him. He finally lands a devastating blow on one the thugs and cuts open the last one. He makes his way towards the opening with his gnomes in trail. The group moves forward to see even more guards, four this time. Honiahaka sends a firebolt hurtling towards one of the thugs and Eddlerock cuts the same guard open. Yaya attacks the guard in the back left and takes out a chunk of his arm. Ielenia throws another javelin and barely taps the same guard (she really needs to practice). She then decides to hit the back right thug with her longsword and he retaliates by hitting her, making her wish she still had her shield. Edllerock kills the guard he had cut open leaving three to take on. He turns to the thug in the middle and lands a hit with both long swords (one he had acquired from Honiahaka). Honiahaka steps in and freezes the middle thug. Yaya trips the thug on the left with her tail then retreats. Ielenia is still paring with the back right thug who she lands a hit on but he turns around and does the same to her. Eddlerock finishes off the thug in the middle. Honiahaka turns his attention to the thug on the right who receives his well aimed firebolt. Eddlerock finishes off the last thug. They go further into the mine hoping to find the dwarf. The group searches the bodies and find ten silver pieces. The group runs into the dwarf and the gnomes. They all decide to head back to the cavern that Alaraic (finally found out the dwarf’s name!) came from when Yaya lets them know she can hear someone coming and calling for Alaraic. Alaraic and Eddlerock make their way towards the newcomers but stay just shy of being seen by them. They see five thugs along with the captain of the militia, Halam. The captain asks Alaraic to come speak with. While they are talking Eddlerock goes and gets the others in case of a fight. Once he returns Alaraic and the captain agree to speak with each other and bring one person with him. Alaraic brings Eddlerock and once they are in range they see the captain has a little girl. It was the same little girl in the group of kids that had told them the information. The captain informs them that the gnomes will be sold into slavery and that Alaraic and the group will also be sold into fighting or slavery. Eddlerock replies with a simple “No”. The captain replies by slicing the little girl’s throat and all hell breaks loose. Yaya shakes the earth causing the thugs behind the captain to stumble back and the captain misses his chance to hit Honiahaka who is headed his way. Eddlerock lands a blow breaking a few of the captain ribs. Alaraic goes into a rage but misses the captain and Ielenia and Yaya follow suit and miss as well. The captain lands a hit on Eddlerock while the thugs in the back are making their way towards the group. Honiahaka grabs the little girl and tries to cast a spell to save the little girl and falls back with her unconscious body. The captain is able to land a blow on Honiahaka at this time and Eddlerock returns a blow to the captain. Yaya hits the captain causing him to fall. He is able to hit Eddlerock one last time before Eddlerock takes him out. Honiahaka manages to protect the little girl – with help – while successfully stabilizing her condition and providing healing after the fight to both Yaya and Eddlerock.

The group makes their way to the mouth of the mine where they find themselves surrounded by twenty heavily-armed soldiers and the Captain of the White Shields, who demands the characters throw down their weapons. The group, with the freed gnomes and various other non-combatants in tow, comply.

The session ends with the weapons dropping to the sand.


Thank you for the wonderful write up!

Layover in Whitegold
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