Infinite Horizons

Our first adventure!

The journey begins

Your travel through the ‘Crown Cities’ toward Akkad came to an abrupt and violent stop when you were inexplicably attacked by bandits and raiders of unknown origin that appeared to target the scholarly wagons of the land train.

Led by a pyrotechnic-ally inclined Necro-wizard, the assault scattered the wagons and the
guards of the trade supply wagons abandoned the traveler’s wagons to protect theircharges at the cost of all else and secure the foremost supplies.

Tales from the survivors speak of four valiant heroes who stepped provide support to the
abandoned people. A shield bearing female warrior whose calm and organization brought order to the chaos and saved the lives of many of the innocent. A unshaven slightly inebriated holy man whose drunken heroics saved at least two guards and with the power of his holy might shook the very earth around him.

Stories of a brutal warrior-child on ‘horse’ back, cleaving all who stood in his way and securing many of the cars to the rear of the land train.

Unseen by many and untold by fewer are the deeds of the lone warrior on the last of the
hundred hills; a skilled native warrior whose frost magic and martial prowess prevented more casualties as he successfully counter ambushed a second force of bandits.

The assault was broken, the wizard slain but the journey to Akkad is far from over.

Some of the Akkadian guards whisper than Oric the skald of the city is dead. It is unknown how he met his fate but he was last seen leading the motley band of adventurers into ‘Pilgrim’s Place’ to be carried out later borne by the individual responsible for the protection of the people; scorched and headless.

The procession seeks to regroup on the more populated ‘Salt Road Flats’ where it’s more
defensible and visibility is improved. Another two days journey should see you to the outlying villages that surround Akkad and into the safety of the fortified city.


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